Portable Rigid Elvaloy Bund BK

Portable Rigid Elvaloy Bund BK

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Brand: Envirosmart

The Portable Rigid Elvaloy Bund is made from a black heavy-duty 1080gsm elvaloy fabric material with elevated chemical and UV resistance. It is ideal for a vast array of aggressive chemicals, storage of hydrocarbons, and withstands harsh environments. 

Portable Rigid Elvaloy Bunds are a semi-permanent containment solution for storing liquids and chemicals temporarily. This bund is excellent for the temporary storage of fluids and leak containment, tank storage and areas with limited floor space. 

These Portable Rigid Elvaloy Bunds are free-standing, with rigid sidewalls and have internal heavy-duty plastic brackets that slide into the Elvaloy pockets along the bund walls giving great strength and minimising trip hazards. 


  • Heavy Duty 90-degree bund wall brackets 
  • Internal legs 
  • Easy to wash and reuse 
  • 300mm height to maximise capacity 
  • Custom sizing available 

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