Portable Spill Bund Mat Elvaloy BK

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Brand: Envirosmart

The Portable Spill Bund Mat Elvaloy BK is made from black heavy-duty 1080gsm elvaloy fabric material with elevated chemical and UV resistance and is ideal for a vast array of aggressive chemicals, storage of hydrocarbons, and can withstand harsh environments.

Silverback Spill Bund Mats provide cost-effective temporary storage for liquids and chemicals whilst containing potential spills and leaks. These bunds are easy to transport, store, clean, reuse, and require no assembly. Vehicles, including forklifts and trucks, can instantly access the bund from all four sides without the driver leaving the vehicle. High-quality memory foam ensures that the 100mm side walls spring back into place after being depressed during access.

These Containment Mats can be custom-made to your specifications. Perfect for portable wash bays, temporary storage for drums, containers and tanks, portable drip tray and servicing vehicles.


  • Compliant with wastewater legislation codes of practice throughout Australia
  • It eliminates the need to build expensive permanent structures 
  • Standard 100mm high “drive-over” sides
  • Chemically resistant & UV stable fabric
  • Flexible sidewalls for delivery of liquid storage drums
  • Lightweight & Easy to clean & store