Drum Spill Pallets Galvanised Metal

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Brand: Accumax

These 2 and 4 Drum Bunded Spill Pallets made of galvanised metal are fully compliant for storing 2 x 205L or 4 x 205L Drums with ample containment capacity to meet all relevant regulations. They are designed explicitly for bunding flammable liquids, and their rugged metal construction will easily handle harsh Australian conditions.

  • Fully galvanised rigid metal construction
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Field test proven
  • Forkliftable from both sides
  • Removable Grates for easy cleaning
  • Complies with regulations for storage of 2 x 205L and 4 x 205L drums

2 Drum Bunded Spill Pallet Galvanised Metal 260L

  • SWL: 800kg
  • SUMP: 260L
  • SIZE: 1220mm x 670mm x 400mm

4 Drum Bunded Spill Pallet Galvanised Metal 460L

  • SWL: 1250kg
  • SUMP: 460L
  • SIZE: 1320mm x 1220mm x 400mm

IMPORTANT: Some Spill Pallets may not be stocked at the time of order. Please allow 2 - 4 days for shipping.