Watergate instant temporary cofferdam barrier

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Brand: MegaSecur

The Water-Gate WA series allows instant installation of temporary cofferdams, making it possible to work below the water level to carry out aquatic work. It is the culmination of a simple and effective technology that instantly blocks, diverts or contains water from submerged areas. It is also a practical and straightforward alternative for fighting fires in forest environments, and its lightweight makes it easier to transport and install, especially in remote places.


  1. Polyester fabric coated with super heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant PVC suitable for use in streams with doubtful bottoms.
  2. Compact partitions will leave the front flap free to stand or walk on for pumping water and crossing the stream more safely.
  3. Metallic rings and polypropylene front straps facilitate installation in some situations.
  4. Anti-erosion flap to keep the bottom of the stream from eroding if the water flows over the barrier.
  5. Resistant polypropylene straps for easy handling.
  6. Optional ballast weights can be added to the WA model to convert it to a WL model as an anti Flood barrier (sold separately).

Types of Use:

  • Temporary Cofferdams – The WA model has been designed to create instant cofferdams. Ideal for quickly completing excavation work – repairing bridges, changing or repairing culverts, landfill work in aquatic environments, pipeline crossings, shoreline restoration, pouring cement, construction dredging, lock maintenance and much more.
  • Water Path Deviation – Deflect the water path to a specific area. This feature is ideal for carrying out aquatic work without interrupting the circulation of the water. It allows the partial drying up of an arm of a river or a section of a watercourse.
  • Detour – By installing a weir on the barrier, it is possible to cause a diversion of the flow of water towards a specific area. Pipes can easily be installed over the spillway to give a pipeline effect, and several lengths are available on request. In addition, using other emergency response equipment, the barrier can block existing drainage systems and redirect spilt products.


  • This quick and easy solution is ideal for carrying out emergency interventions in record time.
  • Water-Gate’s WA model is a practical and straightforward alternative for fighting fires in forest environments when deployed as a fire water tank.
  • With the WA model, it is now possible to instantly create a dry and safe temporary cofferdam work area allowing work to be carried out in aquatic environments.