Silverback Watergate instant temporary containment control barrier

Watergate instant temporary containment control barrier

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Brand: MegaSecur

The Water-Gate WT series is practical as it provides control, containment, and extraction of pollutants in a toxic spill situation. These barriers are ideally suited for emergency interventions in aquatic environments such as rivers, ditches, branches of rivers and streams. The Water-Gate barrier slows the circulation of water to maximise the effectiveness of the absorbent tubes. Compatible with most emergency response equipment, the barrier facilitates the parallel use of other containment dikes and oil skimmers in shallow water (which is usually impossible).


  1. Polyester fabric coated with ultra-robust and abrasion-resistant PVC for installations on all surfaces.
  2. Stretched partitions provide better adherence on smooth surfaces.
  3. Features polypropylene straps to raise the barrier’s extremities for particular installations.
  4. Overflow back flap or mining bib to prevent stream bed mining.
  5. Resistant polypropylene straps for easy handling.
  6. Release holes with flaps and Velcro-type sealing for underflow dam operations. With straps to pull the Velcro lined flaps open. Side attachment straps to control flow downward.

Types of Use:

Containment of Pollutants – The water is housed at the bottom of the barrier, and it deploys and fills automatically as the water level increases. Therefore, the weight of the water nails the barrier to the ground and stabilises it. In the event of a toxic spill, the pollutants are contained inside the barrier and can be easily removed using different methods and accessories:

  • Extraction Pumps: Water and pollutants are extracted from the contaminated area to an empty container until complete decontamination of the infected area. This practice is ideal in situations where the contaminated site contains non-floating pollutants.
  • Absorbent Materials: Use marine booms and certain surface skimmers, absorbent powders, tubes and activated carbon for organic solvents. Since the barrier traps pollutants in a common area, all that’s left to do is install this equipment precisely upstream of the barrier to extract the contaminants.

Underflow Dam – The release holes have been added to the barrier to provide it with a function allowing water underflow while the pollutants remain floating on the surface. Release holes can be opened and closed at any time.

Absorbent tubes can be installed along the barrier to absorb all the hazardous material while the clear water continues its underflow, and water circulation is neither affected nor interrupted. Once filled with water, the absorbent tubes can be replaced by attaching them directly to the barrier.


  • This spill barrier has release underflow systems at the bottom that can be opened or closed at any time, even during use.
  • This barrier can be used alone as an anti-pollution barrier or in addition to other intervention equipment.
  • The Water-Gate WT model is straightforward to use, can be installed on most surfaces and is suitable for all types of spills, whether major or minor.