Concrete Washout Slurry Bag SWL 2500kg


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Product Code: 12540

Brand: Silverback

Silverback's Concrete Washout Slurry Bag's is designed to meet the ruggedness of the construction industry and are designed with your health and safety in mind as well as protecting the environment. Both solid and liquid wastes (slurry) will be contained in the bag, eliminating harmful run off flows that create problems to storm water drains and creeks.

Silverback Concrete Washout Slurry Bags have a SWL:2500kg and a 0.78m3 capacity and are lined with plastic. Bags are batch tested and compliant with Australian Standard AS3668-1989.

Concrete Washout slurry is contained by the ultra-strong bag which is easily attached to the pump mechanism of the pump truck to capture waste slurry. The bag is detached when the cleaning is completed.

Once the bag has dried (approx 24 hours), it can be moved by forklift or crane. Dried Concrete Washout slurry bags can be stacked on top of each other if needed to save space. Concrete Washout Slurry bags can be collected and disposed of by any contracted waste collector/recycler of your choice.