250mm Mixed Dangerous Goods. Adhesive Label

250mm Mixed Dangerous Goods. Adhesive Label


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The mixed class label is used as a placard on cargo transport units transporting more than one class or division of dangerous goods, excluding limited quantity loads.

  • It is not a package label; and
  • It is not part of the UN labelling system.

It is used as a transport placard for road or rail transport within Australia. As per the Australian Dangerous Goods Code, vehicle placards must correspond to the primary risk of the goods contained in the cargo transport unit or placard-able unit. Except when there are dangerous goods of more than one class or division in a cargo transport unit, in which a placard in the form of a mixed class label may be used in lieu of multiple placards where permitted.

Placards must also be displayed for those subsidiary risks for which a subsidiary risk label is required. However, cargo transport units containing goods of more than one class or division need not bear a subsidiary risk placard if the hazard represented by that placard is already indicated by a primary risk placard or where a mixed class placard is displayed where permitted.

All road vehicles transporting a placard load of dangerous goods must be placarded on the front and rear of the vehicle with placards indicating what dangerous goods are being carried. Where all of the dangerous goods are of a single class or division, the placards required are:

  • The class or division label; and
  • Any subsidiary risk labels applicable to the goods.

Where there is more than one class of dangerous goods on the vehicle during the journey, the placards required are either or both of the following:

  • Mixed class labels;
  • All class and division labels for each primary and subsidiary risk of the dangerous goods on the vehicle.

Our mixed class dangerous goods labels are printed with UV resistant inks on quality vinyl. Dangerous goods adhesive labels are designed to adhere to EIP's, Shipping containers, IBC's and any dangerous goods container that is stored or transported.

ADGC sets out the technical requirements for the transporting of Dangerous Goods. Silverback stocks a wide range of Dangerous Goods labels, class labels, class diamonds, hazchem labels and placards specifically for the labelling and identification of Hazardous and Dangerous Goods. Our DG labels comply with ADGC compliance and standards.

IMPORTANT: Please note - Label images shown here are for illustrative purposes only and may not be a true representation, as class labels are subject to legislative changes periodically. Silverback ensures that all of its class labels comply with the relevant legislation at your time of purchase.