Compact Bio-Waste Spill Response Kit. 15L Bucket.

Compact Bio-Waste Spill Response Kit. 15L Bucket.


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Product Code: 25820BW

Brand: Prenco

This Single Use Bio-Waste kit offers many features and benefits as the main absorbent is a Natural Mineral - NonToxic absorbent Powder which rapidly immobilizes and deodorizes potentially infectious spills.

This kit has unique absorbent properties that solidifies spills on contact. The Bio-Waste kit makes for safe and easy removal of the spill contaminate, leaving the effected area clean and disinfected.

The kits are ideal for areas in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools, Public Transport, Taxis, Doctors Surgery, Day Care Centres, Restaurants, Pubs & Clubs, Automobiles, Cruise Ships, Veterinary Clinics and Waste Management.