BrakeMate Maintenance System

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Product Code: 90100

Brand: Tulip Industries

BrakeMateT has been designed as an elevated service platform for servicing heavy vehicle disc brake assemblies; it eliminates all manual lifting during the disc brake maintenance process and substantially reduces service time and in turn saves $'s.

Advantages With BrakeMateT, mechanics no longer have to call for assistance with the lifting of heavy components. The whole process is a one-person operation and servicing times are greatly reduced, by more than 50% in many cases. These labour savings mean the purchase costs of the BrakeMateT system can be recovered over a short period of time.

Estimated average time it takes to replace the rotor = 2 hrs. BrakeMateT can reduce to 1 hr

Estimated saving on 6 rotors = 6 hrs.

Estimated caliper weight of 35kg.

Estimated rotor/hub weight 75kg.

2 man lift is now a 1 man job with no lifting.

6 hours saved can be used on other jobs.

All that's required is compressed air.

Key Features

Eliminate manual lifting of caliper, hub and rotor

Reduce the risk of back injury

Ideal work height

Reduce service time

Specially designed for bus, truck and trailer maintenance needs

Reduce maintenance times and costs

Easy to use and offers major OH&S benefits

Australian designed and manufactured

Drum brake adapter option available

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