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Dunnage refers to materials that are used to secure and protect goods during transportation. It is typically placed in empty spaces or gaps between cargo to prevent them from shifting, rubbing against each other, or getting damaged during shipping. Dunnage can come in different forms, including airbags, foam, wood, or plastic materials, depending on the nature of the cargo and the mode of transportation. The use of dunnage is essential in ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of goods, as it helps to minimize the risk of damage to the cargo and prevent accidents that could result from unstable loads.

Silverback Dunnage bags provide a stable support structure that prevents any movement during transit. This effectively reduces the likelihood of damage during shipping. Selecting the most suitable dunnage bag for a particular application depends on various factors, including the dimensions of the void, the height of the goods, and specific shipping specifications.

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Silverback Dunnage Bag Air Gun

Dunnage Bag Air Gun

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Silverback Woven Dunnage Bags

Woven Dunnage Bags

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