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Packing Grade Plywood

Packing Grade Plywood is multidirectional layers of soft and hard wood veneer sheets to achieve various panel thicknesses and strengths. Plywood provides a cost effective and stable barrier between cargo in both vertical and horizontal applications. Separating & Protecting cargo Wall Linings Crates Pallet pads

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Masonite Sheet 1420mm x 1090mm x 6mm SEC HAND

Masonite Sheets 1420mm X 1090mm x 6mm (used). Note these Masonite sheets have a cardboard backing that provide for a bit of absorption when packing cargo in a container. The customer can remove the cardboard from the Masonite sheet if they want to do so. These sheets are used to move glass related products, each sheet has been visually quality checked to ensure no major damage including...


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