Water-Gate Barrier 5.2m x 0.15m WL-0617

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Product Code: WL0617

Brand: Mega Secure

MegaSecur Watergate Barriers are desigend to 'Hold Back Water'. These uniquely designed barriers are ideal for creating temporary barriers to provide asset protection during extreme weather events or create dams for contruction or water deviation. Thse barriers are portable, suitable for re-use and compact enough to be stored when not requried, making them great solution for both domestic and commercial applications.

It's the weight of the water that holds the barrier in place while the the fabric deploys when water enters, much like a parachute when filled with air.

Watergate Barriers come in a range of standard lengths and retentions (heights). The WL model is good for rising water (Floods) and the WA model is great for flowing water. Barriers can be connected to increase overall length, they're also flexible enough to make internal and external corners.