Pallet Wrap

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Hand Pallet Wrap

Both Cast Hand Wrap and Blown Hand Wrap contain and protect products on a pallet during transit and storage. Even though there is one common purpose, multiple strengths, colours and lengths suit different applications. Hand Pallet Wrap is manufactured in these two different methods, which give the film different properties. There are many types of Hand Pallet Wrap within these two film...

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Hand Stretch Wrap Dispenser

Increases productivity and reduces back strain. Features: Ergonomic Stretch Wrap Film is very easy to change Reduces back strain The Colour of the dispenser may vary


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Machine Pallet Wrap

Silverback's Machine Pallet Wrap delivers superior strength, stretch and increased tackiness to firmly secure cargo to pallets or skids. It is manufactured with the latest metallocene-catalyzed resins in a unique formulation, superior to single and three-layer films available in the market today. Our Cast Machine Pallet Wrap has excellent stability, outstanding puncture resistance and improved...

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